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Brett Morrison

Co-Founder & CEO

Brett has been programming since age 12, first on an Atari 400. Today, he’s full-application development stack, full-infrastructure stack, and full-executive stack. Self-made, seasoned, C-level senior technology leader and serial entrepreneur. “Innovate or die” and “Always be learning something new” are tenets that guide personal growth.

Prior to TrueVote, recently, Brett has consulted, invested, and advised for small and medium sized companies in mobile and enterprise systems, as well as mentored young engineers. Brett also spent some time as Director of Enterprise Information Systems at SpaceX. His biggest professional achievement though was as an e-commerce pioneer, getting brands online and creating a new channel for sales at the beginning of the e-commerce boom.

Brett co-founded Onestop Internet in 2003 out of his garage and built the original e-commerce and warehouse management software that started the company. Throughout his time as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Onestop, he oversaw and managed its growth and architected and served e-commerce brands including Von Dutch, Lululemon, True Religion, 7 For All Mankind, Rag & Bone, Frye Boots, and more as Onestop grew to over 250 employees.

Brett also spent some time in the Entertainment industry, and produced two feature films, including THE COOLER, which garnered critical praise and an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

Brett received a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies consisting of Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Communication from the University of Arizona (Top 10 at time of graduation).


Ped Hasid


Ped’s fascination with technology began at a young age in the era of x86 computing systems. Being fortunate enough to start his technology career in his early teens, Ped worked at various startups and was surrounded by successful entrepreneurs and technologists while simultaneously attending school. Once graduating from UCLA with Magna Cum Laude Honors in 2007, Ped decided to continue working in the internet technology sector by acquiring Artnet, a boutique webhosting & design firm. Ped expanded Artnet to become a digital agency which provided information technology and cloud services to a vast array of small business clientele. This allowed Ped to leverage his knowledge and expertise in information systems by designing custom turnkey solutions for a wide array of businesses applications.

2011 was a pivotal year for Ped after reading the Bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. He became convinced that blockchain and cryptocurrency would become the next digital frontier following the internet and a force for good. Ped dedicated the next few years to studying Bitcoin and blockchain technology, which led his eventual pivot into the world of Fintech. 

Prior to TrueVote, Ped co-founded Block26 in 2014 as a technology incubator and family office, investing in blockchain startups and teams. As its managing partner, Ped placed Block26 on the map by strategically working and supporting entrepreneurs involved in the decentralization movement. Having a deep conviction for Bitcoin steered Ped into launching Tantra Labs in 2019, where he led the company as CEO and co-founder. Managing over 9-figures in assets, Tantra Labs is a technology platform and proprietary trading shop built for generating alpha from digital asset trading strategies. Ped currently serves on the executive boards of TrueVote, Tantra Labs, Block26, and Edge Wallet.

Strategic Partners


Global Election Services (GES) provides comprehensive technology-enabled election services to a variety of organizations such as labor unions, credit unions, political parties colleges and universities, residential groups and trade associations. GES’ Senior management has been supervising elections since 1981, having managed over 8,800 elections involving more than 40,000,000 voters, certifying each labor election with the US Department of Labor. No election supervised by GES or its senior management has ever been overturned by the US Department of Labor due to actions of GES. Management has an extremely strong reputation in the market and a very extensive, longtime customer list.